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Welcome to our website! We’re on a mission to save Austin’s historic Norwood House, a 1922 Arts & Crafts treasure on the shores of Lady Bird Lake in Austin, TX. This special bungalow has been under threat for years, but it has recently been stabilized. It's now READY to be restored and repurposed to serve the people in a taxpayer-friendly way. You’re in the right place to find out all about the house and how you can help.

Thanks for visiting, and please be in touch!

Our Mission

The Mission of the Norwood Park Foundation is to restore the Norwood House to its historic exterior appearance, rehabilitate the surrounding historic grounds and gardens, and repurpose the property to serve the people of Austin as a premier, nonprofit and self-sustaining rental venue and community meeting space.

Our Purpose

Located on City parkland, Austin's historic Norwood House is a public park asset. In a perfect world, all of our parks would be fully funded and the assets therein well cared for. But in today’s world, municipal budgets are strained. The City of Austin is no exception.

The nonprofit Norwood Park Foundation was formed because there is no money in the budget of the city's Parks & Recreation Department - now or in the foreseeable future - to restore and maintain this remarkable but long-neglected property. Since the needs of the house have been urgent, we have joined with the City of Austin in a public/private partnership to:

  1. restore the house and grounds,
  2. operate the property in a revenue-generating, self-sustaining fashion, and
  3. ensure its future protection.

In this way, we will save the Norwood house while modeling a citizen-initiated, volunteer-based civic project that promotes an even greater mission to preserve our town’s original, special places. The end result: a natural and cultural treasure..returned to the people of Austin, at minimal cost to the taxpayer.


Norwood Park Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 5682
Austin TX 78763-5682


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Main Content

Hey Austinites, did you know you own a charming 1920s Oriental-influenced, California Craftsman bungalow..on a hill, on a cliff, overlooking Lady Bird Lake? Out the back door is one of the most spectacular views in Austin, and it’s right in town with a great location. Wow! You’d like a key so you can get in and enjoy the place, right? More...
What's New:


July, 2017 - Happy to report that the Norwood Project has just received 2 grants from Austin Community Foundation; from the Georgia B. Lucas Fund and the Mary Carol Boone-Joy Fund. Thank you, trustees! These monies are directly supporting the final design work happening now. Our architects & engineers met at the site in late June (check out pics here: and are officially underway with this final design phase. We’re very excited about the path this puts us on, to construction drawings and “shovel ready.”

Meantime, it’s another long hot summer for the Norwood House. We hope it’s the last one before “Norcliff” (as it was originally named) is launched into its final transformation. Thank you, Norwood volunteers, for helping us keep the stabilized bungalow and the site shipshape.

Read the History
In the early 1920s a remarkable Arts & Crafts estate began to take shape on the high bluffs overlooking the Colorado River in Austin, Texas. Located above the south shore along Riverside Drive and I-35, it featured a small but very high-style bungalow evocatively named “Norcliff” by its owners, Ollie O. and Calie Norwood. Over the next several years structural additions and improvements to the grounds would eventually yield a beautiful property that was widely admired and well-used by the family and, eventually, large numbers of Austinites. More...
See the Photos
Norwood Sunroom and Fireplace
See our amazing location!

Come with us by drone and view for yourself Norwood’s incredible natural site and fabulous central location. Discover how beautifully Norwood nestles between Lady Bird Lake and Riverside Drive at the I-35 bridge. Note the boardwalk at the base of Norwood’s cliff, and all the stunning heritage oaks on the hill. You’ll see why so many consider Norwood a gateway: to downtown from the airport and points south, and to historic Travis Heights and the South Central Waterfront.

Special shout out to our longtime friend and supporter, Will Rice, for this great drone footage. Thank you Will! Turn up the sound for a little jazz groove.

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